Foteviken Kulturcenter

Museivägen 27, 236 91 Höllviken, Sverige

At the Foteviken Viking Museum, you will find a whole Viking town built with contemporary materials and techniques of the time. Visit this open air museum.

NEW: In addition there is also the brand new Smokey Barbecue & Pickles restaurant, which serves American classics and
traditional barbecue dishes. Warm welcome!

Björn with staff


Opening hours and general information:
Museum: 30-04-2021 – 12-09-2021, Open daily through the summer.
Gift shop and entry: 10-16, open until 17. For other arrangements please see Kulturcenter
Restaurant: please see Smokey food or contact us  +46 (0)76-402 43 15
Accommodation: please see Fotevikens stugby

Museivägen 27, 236 91 Höllviken.
+46 (0)40-33 08 00